Ironwood Walker


Peters Warforged:


  • His WildShape lets him heal: It cannot be repaired using repair damage, but it receives the full benefit of spells of the healing subschool (
  • Craft Infusions (Survival and Professional Herbalist) planted little trees on the corpses and learns this through doing


  • +4 AC in Shapeshift
  • Bite Attack 1d6+7
  • Magic enhancement equal to 1/4 of level (eg at level 5 +1)
His Docent
  • he has a Docent that has been transmuted to roots and twigs: I think if we make it a “quiet” nature spirit, and limit the language ability it becomes pretty fair. Basically a nature/tree spirit that he is telepathically bonded with, and a +10 survival check. I had taken Sylvan (language of woodland creatures) as one of my languages, but maybe I could adjust that, and the docent gives Sylan instead of Giant?
  • No shopowner will buy it because they dont believe its a docent, but maybe one day they will find an artificer that has interst ;)



By selecting the spontaneous reju- venation alternative class feature, you can provide the party with plenty of healing without tram- pling on the cleric’s role.

Level: 1st.

Replaces: If you select this class feature, you do not gain the ability to spontaneously convert prepared spells into summon nature’s ally spells.

Benefit: You can transform the stored energy of a spell you have prepared to invigorate you and your allies.

To use spontaneous rejuvenation, you must spend a standard action and sacrifice a prepared spell. All allies within 30 feet of you (including yourself) gain fast healing for 3 rounds. The fast healing amount is equal to the spell’s level. For example, if you sacrifi ce remove disease, a 3rd-level spell, each ally gains fast healing 3 for 3 rounds.

The fast healing granted by this class feature doesn’t stack with itself or with fast healing from other sources. Vadania, hierophant druid of the Tall Forest


Taking the shapeshift alternative class feature means you can focus on your actions in combat (rather than worrying about your animal companion) while still unleashing nature’s fury upon your foes.

Level: 1st. Replaces: If you select this class feature, you do not gain an animal companion at 1st level, nor do you gain the wild shape class feature at 5th level (or any variation of that class feature at later levels, such as the ability to wild shape into an elemental at 16th level). Benefit: You can shapeshift at will into powerful animal or nature-oriented forms. Each time you use this ability, you can choose the exact look that your shapeshifted form takes. Druids pick animals from the terrain and climate they’re most familiar with. For example, a druid from a jungle might adopt the form of a black panther when in predator form, while one from the taiga might shapeshift into a white wolf. The two forms look different, but functionally they’re identical. This is a supernatural ability.

- It requires only a swift action to shapeshift -If knocked unconscious or slain in shapeshifted form, you revert to your original form.


Ironwood Walker

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