Forging Our Pasts

After the party woke up in the same Rotating room that they entered the Whitehearth facility in through, they decided to use their new keycharm in one of the other rotating rooms.

They use the Orange key and sneak down the hallway where they hear a large scraping like stone on metal through an open doorway. They send Deerdal and Lana to explore and they hear some creature. So they decide to go back and get the rest of the party which is waiting in the Rotating room. After a bit of discussion they decide to try to sneak up on the creature. Twalker casts light on a coin and gives it to Lana to throw down the corridor when she gets close. As they are walking down the hallway Twalker, in his animal state, bumps into the wall and makes a huge “CLANG”!

Upon hearing that the large hidden creature starts to ROAR and make sounds as though its coming towards the party. So Garrison starts to run ahead and while passing Lana who is at the front of the party he grabs the coin from her hand and tosses it into the dark room. As it flies through the air into the dark room Garrison sprints closely behind it. And as he enters the room he sees the beasts and its eyes.

He immediately stopped and prepared for battle. But Bisk sensing that something was evil in the room started running and shifting behind Garrison as well, so when Garrison stopped Bisk slipped in front of Garrison ready to attack.

However the creature was ready and attacked Bisk. As they exchanged attacks with the beast they realized what it was. It was, or at least used to be, a wolf. However, through mutations and experiments it had became a beast covered in metal and stone with teeth made of black obsidian stone.

After a bite from Twalker the wolf was distracted and Garrison raised his sword and its blade went from the top of the beasts neck all the way through and knocked its head clear off.

After exploring what they realized was a kennel they found some potions and ring and a brooch.

The party went back and followed the tunnels to another Rotating Room where they used the orange keycharm and came to a strange room. However while walking down the corridor from the Rotating room Garrions starts to ask questions about the brooch and ring that was found in the Kennel and Bisk says she found them so she keeps them which leads to an argument, which only gets solved by neither of the two budging.

Finally they decide to explore the strange room. As they enter they notice that sound is muted here and that the strange mirrored walls are almost hard to look at because of all the light that is reflecting off them.

As Lana is examining the room she looks up and see a mass of colors and light attached to the ceiling that she recognizes immediately as a color spray spell. At the same moment an arm-like mass of the color spray darts out and heads for Garrisons head. However, he is quick enough to react and slices sideways with his sword and cuts the arm off.

Bisk, who is up the corridor a bit brooding over her fight with Garrison, see the quick movements through the doorway in her peripheral vision and reacts with cat-like speed. She sprints towards the door which was currently being slightly block by Twalker who had moved into the room in its bear like shape. As she gets closer to the door she starts a slight skip-step and leaps with one foot forward towards the back of Twalker. As her foot lands on its back she continues her momentum and uses Twalker’s back as a spring board and launched herself in the air with her sword already moving in a over slice. And she connects with a fury to the blob-like material.

Her sword sliced clear through and let her continue her leap through the air where she landed and rolled into a ready attack position. However, this blow was enough and even as she was still in the air the light in the room started shifting and shaking and the sound all came rushing back in.

As they were getting their bearings, Garrison asked “What was that?” to which Twalker replied “the magic woke up”.

After their victory the party continued to a room adjacent to this one. When they entered their was a large Mirrored Ball in the center of the room, which after they examined they realized was some kind of Scrying object pointing to some room filled with an intense heat and light. And in this room they also found a red keycharm.

So the party quickly went back to the Control Panel that needed a red keycharm. However, when they arrived they decided to try the orange lock first.

Which was a mistake. A Bad mistake.

When they entered the Key, the room as usual, started rotating. However this time it screeched to halt and what was once the bottom floor opened abruptly into a dark pit. Not having much time to react everyone tried to grab for anything they could. Lana, Garrison and Deerdal were able to stablize themselves. But Twalker and Bisk were unable to grab something and slid down and through the dark hole.


Bisk and Twalker hit the cold water with a bang. And Twalker sunk to the bottom of what seemed a small underground pit of water while Bisk swam to the top and yelled up to the crew in the room. After a bit of back and forth they came up with a plan.

Lana freed her hands and cast “Tensors Floating Disk” and sent the newly created gold shimmering down the hole and brought back up Twalker and Bisk.

As soon as the duo were cleared of the trap hole Garrison took the red keycharm and placed it in the control panel. This caused the trap to close and the room to start rotating again.

Once it was finished it opened up on a new tunnel.

So the party dried off, rearmed and headed down the tunnel which at the end was a door. Upon checking the door they felt a slight heat and opened it with caution.

Upon entering the room they saw a huge machine made of long dragon-like heads and dragon shards. At the end of each mouth was the same glass like substance that covered Rose Quarry and above it was a large retractable dome. While on both sides of the machine were large pyres of fires. Which turned out to be Living Fire elements that attacked the party with a fury.

However with a few swift and smart moves they destroyed both flames. After reviewing the room and concluded that the machine was the cause of the glass-like encasing that covered all of Rose Quarry. While in a crystaline chest they found two copies of the diamond shape schema they were looking for and the actual Xen’drik creation pattern that used the schema.

While trying to decide what to do next, Lana found a level that she recognized and realized would open the retractable dome. So she went ahead and pulled it, which caused a overwhelming cracking and screeching that sent everyone but Twalker to their knees covering their ears.

After it finished they were given the treat of fresh air and sky. So they regrouped and pulled themselves to the surface and back outside.

Once back outside they started discussing their next move, when they heard:

“Well done adventures.” Which they recognized immediately as the same voice they heard from the robed figure they met on their exit from Rose Quarry.

As they looked up to see where the voice was coming from, the same robed figured was walking towards them while from out of the shadows of the terrain around them came 6 Emerald Claw soldiers with crossbows aimed at them, 4 human-like skeletons with pieces of flesh hanging from them and scythes in their hands and another robed figure, this one a female.

“Its futile to fight us” The voice continued. “Give me the third schema and I will let you live. Oppose us and I will take it from your corpses and raise your worthless bodies to server me!”


Looking back no one was certain who made the first move. Deerdal says it was Garrison, while Twalker said it was the ground that attacked. But the only thing that was certain was that they survived the almost impossible ambush. And they had the schema’s, the creation pattern, a good amount of treasure and had brought Twalker back to consciousness. The only downside was that the robed figure that spoke to them teleported away and that they had a long trek back to Rhukaan Draal.



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