Forging Our Pasts

Escape from Rose Quarry

“I think I can sneak past the gaurds and look through the town for the schema and I think I saw a larger structure off in the distance” Deerdal said to Garrison as the climbed up and down dunes to return to Failin’s Elemental Cart to steup camp and discuss their next steps.

As the duo climbed up the backside of the last sand dune they noticed a small cloaked stranger sitting on it talking down to him.

After realizing that this was just another person Failin owed money too, they approached the scene and learned that the cloaked figure was an Evoker named Lana. Upon convincing Lana that her debt from Failin could be paid many times over by traveling with the duo she agrees to go with them in the morning to Rose Querry.

During their turn at look out in the chilly desert night air Deerdal and Lana heard a scraping against the stone. Naturally intrigued by their Gnome and Halfking instincts the awoke up Garrison to go investigate. Slowly and silenty they climbed up and over a bank of dunes in the distance and saw 3 mindless figures, highlighted by the moonlight, walking on the edge of Rose Querry; which Garrison and Deerdal recognized as ice covered dwarf zombies.

Without hesitation the 3 unlikely adventurers rushed down the dune to strike on their prey.

However, this prey was a little more resistant than our adventurers would have like. And while dodging and parrying the slow but steady swings from their enemy in the moonlight, the clanking of steel on layers ice came to the attention of 2 emerald claw knights.

In his anger of this battle taking too long Garrison attacked and slayed the two oncoming knights with a two brilliantly placed slices of his sword. This mix of determination and sword skill is one that could only be attributed to his natural comfort with his sword and training during his years serving Karnath.

With a quick examination of the fallen bodies Lana found a magical ring of feather fall and not much else. However, in his annoyance of the seemingly endless parade of emerald claw soldiers that he seems to find around every corner, Garrison takes the blood of one of the fallen knights and writes on piece of parchment “Im coming for you all” and sticks it to the dead knights carcass.

Deciding to finish out their sleep and to let their new friend Lana have time to memorize her spells the adventurers rest through the remaining night.

At daybreak our adventures regrouped and set out to explore the strange ice-covered town of Rose Querry to find this second schema Lady Elaydren had requested.

Upon entering the town the travelers moved quietly through the rubble and broken streets until they came to a small graveyard that butted up the backside of what looks like it must have been a church because of the symbols of the Sovereign Host that were left on its walls. As the approached the small graveyard they noticed a lone ice zombie wondering around listlessly. Quickly they charged at it and shattered its shell and body.

Slowly the adventurers traveled through the graveyard to the front of the church. As they came closer to the front they noticed a building that could nothing but a foundry directly across from the Church.

Hearing noise from both the Foundry and the Church our adventurers decided to search the church first as it seemed a smaller venue to fortify. Upon entering they see in that the roof has half fallen in and has covered most of the alter and seats. They also see evidence of recent excavation work…and in the corner 2 more ice zombies in the process of what can only be called digging.

So our heroes divide and quickly conquer their 2 foes. As Garrison tried to wrap his head around why these brainless creatures would be digging and looking for something, Lana comes across a beautiful ornate golden Chalice which she recognizes as the wondrous Ollarda’s of the Sovereign Host’s Chalice. A chalice that is said to bless and cleanse whatever liquid is placed within its cup.



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