Forging Our Pasts

As the party was cleaning up their camp and preparing themselves for the long hike out of the Mournlands, a quiet rumbling noise was heard in the distance.

Garrison quickly picked up his sword and started running towards the nearest dune to get a better view of what was making the noise. And right behind him was Deerdal who had his crossbow loaded and readied.

As they reached the top of the Dune they saw the source of the noise. Off in the distance coming straight towards them was Failin in his Elemental Cart.

“We figured you already had left. How did you even find this place?” Garrison asked Failin as they loaded their items on his cart.

“Hmm..yes that. well..” Failin answered as the rubbed his chin and shifted in his seat of his cart. “I slipped out the map you had in your bag, while this one…” as he pointed to DeerDal ”...was sleeping. And i made a copy for myself. I figured if you didnt succeed I could come back when things were a bit ‘safer’ and see what I could find.”

“Hpmmph.” Deerdal snorted as he secured the last of their items on the cart.

“Well do you know where the Lady Elaydren is Failin? We have to get her news of all that is happened and the schemas we found” asked Garrison.

“Yes we have a meeting place in Rhukaan Draal. Get in and I will take us there.” Failin quickly responded.

“Ok but first…” Garrison continued. “Lana and Bisk, I do not know where our paths will take us after we get to Rhukaan Draal. But I am thankful of your presence these past few days and if you would like to continue with us I would be most honored. But of course if Rhukaan Draal is the end of our time time together then I wish you the best of luck.”

“I cannot speak for Bisk, but I would like to see more of the schemas and the magic that surrounds them. And I quite enjoy improving my skills in the battles we have had so far. So yes I will follow you.” Lana spoke.

“Yes the same for me. As I have no other place to go or tribe to follow.” Bisk snarled. “And Im quite enjoying this freedom and I am curious to find out what other cuisines are out there.”

“Great!” Garrison responded. But then turned his head towards to Ironwood. “Walker Ironwood. You have been a great companion these past few days. And I know you are tied to this land and have a mission of your own..or so it seems. So I will understand if you must stay.”

Hmmpprtzzz. Stay?” said Walker Ironwood. “No. This is not my fate. The tress have always told me of all of you and that I must end up going with you.”

“Across this land they have already started spreading their seeds and are becoming what they were always meant to be. I am to come with you and to continue their work. Hmmptzzz.”

“Great. Fine. Good to hear you are all coming and going to slow us down more.” Failin spit. “Get in then and let us go. Ive had enough of this.”

“Ok fine let us go then.” Garrison smiled as he realized how much his life had changed in the past few months.

Back in Rhukaan Draal with the events of the last few days swimming around in their heads the party hardly noticed all the looks people gave them they walked from their Elemental Cart to the meeting place with Lady Elaydayn.

It wasnt until Deerdal ran to pull Walker Ironwood away from a tree that he was talking to and Lana called over to Bisk who was picking through some fresh berries at a nearby vendor, did Garrison realize how strange of a crew they might have come across as.

When they entered the tavern where Failin lead them to, they saw the Lady sitting in a corner alone with a plates of food and ale waiting for them.

Walker Ironwood, who wasnt too accustomed to being indoors asked if he could remain outside. To which Garrison said, “Yes, but Deerdal can you go with him?”

And the odd duo walked out the door.

“So tell me of your travels…” Lady Elaydren said as the remaining members of the party and Failin sat down at her table.

After sharing all their stories and giving her the Schema’s they found. Lady Elaydren sat quietly to take it all in.

“So it is true that they know.” She said to herself. “They talk of 3 schema’s. So they must have found one of them. Time indeed grows short for all of us then.”

“Well!” she continued. “Here is your reward as we discussed.” As she reached in her bag and threw out a pouch on the table that landed with the CLANG of many coins inside.

“2000 GP just as we discussed. Thank you very much. You have helped in more ways than this money represents.”

As Garrison grabbed the bag of coin he said, “You are welcome my Lady. We still have a score to settle with whatever attacked us out there and Im curious to see how we can help stop this evil from getting the other schema’s.”

“Well Adventurers.” the Lady continued. “I know you have done more than enough for us, but if you escort me back to Sharn I will pay you another 1000GP and pay for the transport via ship. And from there we can find out what we do next.”

“Hmm. Back to Sharn?” Garrison pondered. “It seems my destiny keeps bringing me back there. Let me talk to my friends and see what they think.”

“Very well.” The Lady bowed her head. “In the meantime. Please eat.”



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